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addoubleclicknet Crashes My Internet Explorer I Think I May Have Once Done Some Manipulation So That Doubleclicknet Resolves crashes my Internet Explorer. I think I may have once done some manipulation so that resolves to the localhost, so what may be happening is that is trying to resolve to a more specific machine that localhost, timeout, etc.

A Turing Machine Moving Across A Tape Can Also Be Seen As A Triangle Of Possible Cells Being Occupied Set Into A Definite Stat

A Turing machine moving across a tape can also be seen as a triangle of possible cells being occupied / set into a definite state on a plane, a la the evolution of a cellular automata. Hmmm…

Ive Been Thinking About P NP Lately I Think The Recent Advances In Thermodynamics Of Computation Give The Insight To Solve

I’ve been thinking about P != NP lately. I think the recent advances in thermodynamics of computation give the insight to solve it. Basically, my thought is that if you can characterizes P and NP problems in terms of area (or more specifically, growth), you can apply physical constraints (notably C as the limit of the velocity by which information can propagate) to the problem. Oh goody! Now I can be a crank getting in way over my depth!