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Macintosh Not Just Evil But Communist Furthermore

Macintosh, not just evil, but Communist! “Furthermore, the Darwin OS is released under an “Open Source” license, which is just another name for Communism. “

If You Do Video Editing On Windows XP Dont Install The DirectX 8 SDK It Appears To Install A Debug Version Of The Librarie

If you do video editing on Windows XP, don’t install the DirectX 8 SDK. It appears to install a debug version of the libraries (I think, most importantly, quartz.dll) that screws up, at the very least, ULead MediaStudio Pro and Scenalyzer. Probably other video editing software, too, because I think they all rely on DX for rendering. Boy do I hope that DX 9 is coming soon.

Grrr My Optimization Example Is Suddenly Not Showing Major Differences Between Steps 1 And 2 Which Should Be Showing About A

Grrr… my optimization example is suddenly not showing major differences between steps 1 and 2 (which should be showing about a 40% speedup).

Ever Since Ive Come Back From PNG Ive Been Trying To Finalize The Book

Ever since I’ve come back from PNG, I’ve been trying to finalize the book. So far, this has been formatting and making sure that the programs run as directed. All I can think of, though, is how much I want to go back to PNG. Argh!