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January 27, 2003

Borland Together To Go NET While Reiterating Its Commitment

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Borland Together to go .NET: While reiterating its commitment to Java, Linux, and the general concept of cross-platform-ness, according to this article, Borland appears to have unveiled the first tool in its .NET strategy (they’d already made the general commitment to support .NET). Although no details are yet available on Borland’s site, it appears that the first thing they will produce is a new version of Together Control Center for .NET. No Delphi for .NET yet.

January 26, 2003

Casey Chesnut Has Written A Client For The Pocket PC

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Casey Chesnut has written a client for the Pocket PC Phone Edition that records your voice, shoots it off to a .NET Web Service running a speech recognition engine, and returns the results to your client. The best use of this is certainly for constrained input, not continuous speech recognition. Is there a killer app? The one that comes to mind is hands-free routing: a GPS still costs a few hundred bucks and inputting a destination is a pain, especially when driving. “I’m at mile 200 on route 50 in Nevada. How far to the gas station?” would be a pretty cool thing to be able to ask your phone.

Delightfully, Jakob Nielsen’s latest Alertbox argues that voice interfaces are poor choices for the majority of applications. Compare and contrast.

January 19, 2003

Dotcom Tellall Website Sued By Former CEO The ExCEO

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Dot-com tell-all Website sued by former CEO. The ex-CEO of a now-defunct company for which I worked is trying to quash Fabian Gonzalez’ iMind Parody Site for detailing how the company burned through $15M in investment while having employees share toilet-cleaning duty.

Substance abuse; first class plane tickets, five-star hotels and limos on a bottomless expense account; the presentation to the Chinese Ministry of Education that fell-through because the CEO flew to the wrong city (Beijing, Nanjing — they all sound alike).

These stories are not in dispute, but the ex-CEO contends some other details on the site have caused him emotional distress. Gonzalez’ site is alleged to have contributed to the collapse of another multimillion-dollar investment “opportunity” helmed by the ex-CEO and is being sued by both the CEO and the CEO’s new company, so the deeper pockets are on the side of silencing the site. Visit it while you can and consider contributing to Gonzalez’ legal defense fund.


January 15, 2003

Baby Sleep Aid Says I Hate You A Vancouver Wash Family Dis

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Baby sleep aid says: “I hate you”. “a Vancouver, Wash., family discovered that the toy they unsuspectingly attached to their son’s crib utters the words “I hate you” amid the rhythmic ocean sounds designed to lull the baby asleep.” Link Discuss (Thanks, Jeremy!) via [Boing Boing Blog]

This brings back fond memories of the time I spent 45 minutes on my college radio show trying to extract the phrase “Toke on a leaf for Satan” by playing “Stairway to Heaven” backwards. (If you’re open to suggestion, you can hear it starting at “…there’s a feeling I get…”).

January 14, 2003

Installed Simon Fells Pingback Client For Radio Yep It Wo

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Installed Simon Fell’s pingback client for Radio. Yep! It works like a charm. Awesome. Okay, so much for my Trackback server! I guess I’ll re-implement it as a pingback server!

Esoteric Computer Languages Anyone Who Hasnt Seen This

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Esoteric computer languages. Anyone who hasn’t seen this already should check it out. This site is sort of a clearing house for bizarre programming languages, designed either to annoy the user or to explore odd programming paradigms (often both). My personal favorites are Unlambda (functional programming in hell) and Befunge (two-dimensional control constructs, anyone?). Another highly amusing language is called hq9+, which is, oddly, not linked from the above site. If you like this sort of thing you should also check out this site.

I guess this is a classic case of people with way too much time on their hands ;-) via [Lambda the Ultimate] by way of [Sam Gentile’s Weblog]

January 13, 2003

Top Ten Vulnerabilities Of Web ApplicationsnbspWell Worth Reading

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Top Ten Vulnerabilities of Web Applications Well worth reading.

Bacteria Memory Scientists Have Successfully Stored

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Bacteria Memory. Scientists have successfully stored information into artificial DNA strands and injected them into bacteria that maintained the data by reproducing. via [The Daily Nugget]

So… has anyone done the obvious corollary to this and looked for a smiley face embedded in the human genome? 

25 Pathetic Attempts To Make NET Look BadnbspFun Stuff

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25 Pathetic Attempts to Make .NET Look Bad Fun stuff, especially the comments.

Met With Serguei Dmitriev And Eugene Belyaev Of JetBrains The Makers Of IDEA The Bes

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Met with Serguei Dmitriev and Eugene Belyaev of JetBrains, the makers of IDEA, the best IDE for Java. I was trying to show them some of Marin, but just as we got to the ocean, it started pouring. “We’re from Russia,” they said, undeterred. We walked for, oh, 3 minutes before retreating to a bar in Sausalito. They’re looking for star programmers.

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