SDK for Windows Mobile 2003-based Pocket PC Emulator Images

Download new Emulator Images that allow you to test your applications in all available Pocket PC 2003 languages. via [Microsoft Download Center]

Microsoft released the new version of the Pocket PC operating system today. It’s called Windows Mobile 2003 and I think its most important features are built-in WiFi and Bluetooth support. Also, it supports Windows Media 9 technologies, which are so good that they might actually convince me to carry around the occasional home movie. (I dunno’, though: I’ve got a 256MB card, am I really going to give up a big chunk of that for the off-chance of showing someone my latest dive video?)

Best Offer: Amazon Software Tech

Jeff Bezos wants his company to offer mini-Amazons to companies needing a successful Web commerce tool. The technology that runs the popular shopping site may be its most valuable product offering. via [Wired News]

I think this makes a lot of sense. Internal Business Machines and National Cash Register were built on bringing new merchant technologies to small stores. The push to bring Mom & Pop stores onto the Web dried up with no real winners; while there’s plenty of technology available to technical people, there are millions of craftspeople who represent a real economic opportunity and force and who do not have a clear solution other than eBay, which isn’t quite the same.

Modular Self-Configuring Robots

PARC researcher Mark Yim builds amazing modular robots that can self-reconfigure from a snake to a loop to a spider without stopping. Check out the videos–very Transformers-esque! For those in the San Francisco Bay Area, Yim is speaking on Monday in a public seminar at the Intel Research Berkeley lablet! Link Discuss (Thanks, Eric!) via [Boing Boing Blog]

Insanely cool. Be sure to check out the fence-climbing video and the one where it transforms from a snake to a loop to a spider.