WAP Is I Wrote This Mobile Forms App So That You Can

WAP is…

I wrote this “Mobile Forms App” so that you can find the nearest Geocache by entering your latitude and longitude from your phone. When I try to access it from my Nokia 3590 (a cheap phone, but still…), I can’t load the form with the results because it’s “too large.” It’s 8K! Sheesh… MobileCapabilities.MaximumRenderedPageSize is 1397! Hmm is that “per card”? Breaking the page up into cards should be easy, if that solves it…


Free Webinar On ServiceOriented Architectures Wednesday July 16 11 AM

Free Webinar on Service-Oriented Architectures, Wednesday, July 16, 11 AM PDT (2 PM EDT)

Topic:             “Building a Service-Oriented Architecture”
Speaker:         Daryl Plummer, Gartner Group Vice President
Date:              Wednesday, July 16, 2003
Time:              2:00 pm Eastern / 11:00 am Pacific, 1 hr. in length
Registration:   http://www.m7.com/gartnerseminar.html ”

M7 is a nice product that we gave a Jolt Productivity Award to this year. That’s all I know about this, but it’s a timely topic and the price is certainly right.

I Have About 500 Albums Which Is Small For A Music Fan With WM9s 2131 Lossless Compression Call It 120GB 500 Albums

I have about 500 albums, which is small for a music fan. With WM9’s 2:1-3:1 lossless compression, call it 120GB (500 albums * .6 uncompressed GB / album * 1 compresssed GB / 2.5 uncompressed GB). The Nomad Zen, which I think is today’s most capacious player, has 60GB of storage. Okay, I think I know one thing that will be on my Christmas 2004 Christmas list…