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Ah’m so tahred. Tina and I spent the weekend preparing a submission for The Amazing Race and, on top of that, we not only had parties Friday and Saturday night, we hosted a dinner party last night. I spent the whole day today finishing an article that I should have been able to finish by noon. Okay, I know all of that’s boring, but this might be interesting — the article is about an application that I’ve been working on with the guys at 3Leaf (aka Early and Adopter) that’s a .NET interface to Global Positioning System (GPS) devices. It uses a serial interface by Corrado Cavalli (www.codeworks.it/net/index.htm) but exposes GPS events like “PositionFix”, so using it looks like this:

Gps gps = new Gps(ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings["GPSPort"]);
gps.positionFix += new GpsEventHandler(gps_PositionFix);
private void gps_PositionFix(object src, GpsEventArgs args) 
  LatLongFixEventArgs fix = (LatLongFixEventArgs) args; 
  Console.WriteLine("Latitude: {0} Longitude: {1}", fix.Lat, fix.Long); 

God, I love programming! It’s so incredibly cool when you get to do stuff like that. The whole ink-blogging thing I wrote in 2 hours last Tuesday, just because I was so buzzed by that day’s success with the GPS stuff. Eventually, the GPS articles, source code, and binaries will be available (stay tuned to 3Leaf for details) and I’ll make the Tablet blogging tool available too (the amazing thing about that project is how few lines of code it is. Seriously, the posts I did last week were from a 35-line event handler.) >