IDEA For C Officially Announced The Best Languagesp

IDEA for C# officially announced! The best language-specific programming editor ever is IntelliJ / JetBrains IDEA for Java. (And yes, I’ve used and loved Smalltalk and IDEA is better.)

Eugene Belyaev, President and CTO of JetBrains, has let the cat out of the bag, finally, on what will, at least initially, be a plug-in for Visual Studio. When will it be available? Well, no word on that, but I know for a fact that development is already under way and that Belyaev and his partner Sergei Dmitriev have grown their company slowly in order not to dilute their programming talent pool and that the C# team is fully staffed. So, unless they get distracted by their other projects (they’re going from one major product to at least three) I expect that we’ll see an Early Access Program sooner rather than later.