I just visited Text America’s PDC Photoblog and saw Don Box’s face smiling out…

I just visited Text America’s PDC Photoblog and saw Don Box’s face smiling out at me. I wonder how to make photo blogs more useful. Thanks to those of you who posted photos. via [The Scobleizer Weblog]

This is why I ended up generating FOAF from Outlook the other day. My thought is that photoblogs become much, much more useful when tied to an easy annotation system that asserts XML-based metadata, perhaps FOAF and RDF, perhaps something else (one of the gajillion WinFS schemas discussed at the PDC?). Equally, once you’ve licked this problem, you don’t just have a photoblog tool, you have a foundation for a generally-useful tool:

Lonestar, the number 1.7, and an SDK – what they are (not)

The 1.7 refers to a new version of the Tablet PC SDK. … Lonestar is the codename for a Tablet PC project that should be released in the first half of 2004….and Lonestar is not supposed to be “version 2.0” anyway….don’t put users and buyers into the middle of a fray they don’t care about. If people want to be excited about a next “version” of the Tablet PC OS, just quietly correct them, and fuel their joy. Don’t make it look like the Tablet PC division spends more arguing and being needlessly paranoid than developing features that users want. via [Tabula PC]

Very good post; read the whole thing.

Its In The Nature Of BoFs Birds Of A Feather Sessions To Be Frustrating No Sooner Does The Ice Break Than The Proctor Com

It’s in the nature of BoFs (Birds of a Feather sessions) to be frustrating. No sooner does the ice break than the proctor comes in and announces that the last bus to the hotels leaves in 10 minutes. Oh well…

The “Alternate Programming Languages” BoF gathered a great group, but I’m afraid that 60 minutes was patently unworthy of the stories to tell and questions to ask. After going around and getting a sense of the group, we talked mostly about two questions, one predictable (“Does the CLR inhibit dynamic languages?”) and one less obvious, but ultimately perhaps more important: “Does the Base Class Library taint languages?” Or more generally, if you accept that a class library implies patterns and programming models, is this terribly jarring to people programming with different patterns and programming models?

I don’t think we reached a consensus and I’d be suspicious of whether the group was a representative sample of the user community anyway! In the group, people mostly voiced a pragmatic acceptance that you might have to deal with different programming models and it’s not a big deal. I’m not sure I agree, but I certainly enjoyed the conversation.


Tablet PC 1.7 SDK RSN

Just got confirmed that my security problems having my code deploy as “smart clients Tiepin a web Page) is a known problen in The current Tablet SDK. Thank God-I was, like, “Gee, maybe I done -understand smart clients.” Patched in The 1.7 SDK coming in beta RSN.

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New shell in Longhorn

Just got a demo of the new “Dos” shell in Longhorn. Its a great idea, hugely scriptable and based on unix-typecommand piping. But instead of text being piped, You get real objects, pumped to You asynchronously, Beautiful piece of code.

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Outlook 2003 to FOAF Generator

Talk about creeping featuritis: there I was working on adding image annotation to my ink-based blogging tool when… Well, who wants to alpha-test an Outlook 2003 Contacts to FOAF generator? If you don’t know what FOAF is, this isn’t the release for you. Lemme’ know if you want to try it out. This is just an Outlook->FOAF->FOAF registry bridge; it’s not ink-based and it doesn’t have any image annotation features.

This is what it looks like:

And it generates something like http://www.thinkingin.net/foaf.rdf.

By the way, Outlook 2003 is easy to program for.

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