I installed the Whidbey preview on a VPC virtual machine at the weekend, hoping to check out the new features, but they don’t seem to be implemented in this build. via [Cook Computing]

Can anyone confirm if the C++/CLI extensions are in the PDC bits? My initial attempts to compile Foo^ f = gcnew Foo(); have failed, but for all I know I may just be missing a command-line switch. Brandon Bray just confirmed to me that the PDC bits “did not include much support for the C++/CLI syntax….the earliest implementation will be the Whidbey beta.”

Tablet PC 1.7 SDK in PDC post-show attendee kits

Sure, Gates announced the next version of Windows XP Tablet “by the middle of” 2004, but in the near future, Waggener Edstrom’s Tina Warner tells me that the Tablet PC 1.7 SDK will ship with the PDC post-show attendee kits “so timing may be another few weeks.” I can’t wait!

Oh, by the way, apparently all of the hand-wringing about Tablet adoption has been off-base: “A lot of vertical applications, a lot of horizontal applications, and now close to a half a billion users of the tablet who are very, very committed users.” — Bill Gates, Comdex 2003.