Use a rule engine for rules-based processing

I just saw this article on The Server Side, talking about rules assessment from within Message-Driven Beans and so on….The problem here is that the solution simply won’t scale…This is why God invented rules engines like ILog, JESS and drools. via [The Mountain of Worthless Information]

As far as I know, there’s not a decent rules engine for .NET. Amazing, since .NET’s separation of language and platform concerns makes it a more appealing platform for such efforts. Also, there’s the not-insignificant fact that the world of business documents is Microsoft-based (Excel and Word). It’s a real opportunity for a niche product.

Oh, wait. I just got hired to write an article about InfoAgents. Never mind…

The December Software Development Is Themed Offshore Uproar And H

The December Software Development is themed “Offshore Uproar” and has a lot of food for thought. There’re some telling survey results (SD has gotten very sophisticated in terms of surveys — I think they’re pretty clearly the best in the software development trade press), including this tidbit:

“How would you rate the quality of work done by the offshore team?”

  • 12% said “Of high strategic value” or “Better than in-house results.
  • 56% said “Worse than in-house results” or “Unusable or a setback to progress.”

But “Does your company plan to continue using your offshore outsourcing vendor?”

  • 90% say yes.

There’s a saying that “Everyone has a plan until they get hit.” I have to admit I have a queasy feeling of recognition: everyone’s a free market capitalist until their industry gets commoditized.