Moving pictures

I wanted to demonstrate the SpamBayes plug-in for the school, and I realized I ought to try the screen-capture feature of the free Windows Media Encoder 9. The results were stunning. via [Jon’s Radio]

I used that codec for a video on programming the Tablet PC I did last year. It’s amazingly compact. I don’t think one can dynamically switch codecs in the middle of a video, though, so you can’t have a talking- head segment followed by a screenshot video with segment-specific codecs. Pity.

HP Makes $2.5B in Linux-Based Revenue

… this reminds me of a conversation I had with a friend a few days ago in which he asked if I knew of a company that provided technical support for LAMP-based small businesses. “Don’t know of any,” I said, dollar signs appearing in my eyes. (Which relates to my suspicion that there’s more money to be had in freelance support than there in freelance programming.)