Wacom released a new version of their driver

Recently Wacom released an updated version of their graphics driver for penabled Tablet PCs. This release apparently solves the problem of ink lines being jagged, which was caused by the previous version. via [Tabula PC]

Holy palsy, Batman! I thought my digitizer was going!

Update: For my Motion Computing M1200, the update works great. It’s a little disconcerting — the first time you run it, it uninstalls your pen driver with no acknowledgement that this is a temporary step. You reboot, run it again, and it installs the new driver. Reboot again, and the tremors are gone!

Cross pens available in Q1 2004

Well, that’s what the Cross site now says anyway. via [Tabula PC]

The greatest saga in the history of the Tablet PC has been the wait for a well-designed digitizing pen. Why Cross has had such a hard time (more than a year delay) wrapping a decent barrel around the not-a-lot-o’-stuff required is baffling. I just wish it wasn’t Cross, whose aesthetics are kind of ho-hum. I want a Waterman Expert digitizer or an Eberhard Faber American #2 . Sniping aside, I’ll be ordering mine the day they become available.

Function Point Counting Gets ISO Standard

Function points are a programming-language-independent way of describing the size of a piece of software. However, a given programming language has a typical amount of lines-of-code per function point, allowing a rough estimate of function points from LOC and vice versa. Even more importantly, a programmer or team tends to generate a characteristic amount of function points per month.

It’s not a panacea but I’ve had good luck with function point counting over the years; it’s definitely a good tool to have in your belt. It just got standardized.