The Viagra Closure: 600 Quintillion Spellins

There are 600,426,974,379,824,381,952 ways to spell “viagra” using standard spammer substitution techniques. So I thought: “Wow, what a great example for explaining closures in C# 2.0!” but then I realized that some creep would probably use the code to, y’know, generate 600 quintillion emails in an elegant manner.

So now I’m just thinking “The Viagra Closure” sounds like a Star Trek episode:

Kirk: Six hundred quintillion, four hundred twenty-six quadrillion?

Spock: Six hundred quintillion, four hundred twenty-six quadrillion, nine hundred seventy-four trillion, three hundred seventy-nine billion, eight hundred twenty-four million, three hundred eighty-one thousand, nine hundred and fifty-two, to be precise.

Scotty: Thet could make every inbox on th’ Federation gang aft agley!

McCoy: No one can delete that many emails! They’re human beings, not robots!

Kirk: We have no choice but to destroy this society-killing technology. Lock photon torpedoes on relay stations of Spamtonia IV.