Proportional electoral voting: if you can’t get rid of the college…

James Snell is angry that his vote for Bush won’t count, because he lives in California. (I mean, it will count, but California is considered a lock for Kerry.) If I still lived in California I’d be angry because my vote for Kerry wouldn’t count (I mean, it would, but it would be much less significant than a vote from a person living in Wyoming or Rhode Island.)

Personally, I’d prefer to get rid of the electoral college, but that would require a Constitutional amendment and its ratification would undoubtedly depend entirely on short-term political advantage. In the meantime, proportional electoral voting, as Maine does now and Colorado will either do this election or next (yikes!), seems a clearly good idea.

Now, I’m “lucky” enough to be in what is apparently a swing state, so I’ll have a good feeling when casting my ballot on Tuesday.

Eclipse that much better than Visual Studio?

Dave Jaquay is leaving the .NET world and returning to Java. He sees C# and Java as comparable languages (giving the edge to C#) but is excited about switching Visual Studio for Eclipse. It’s an interesting read. I’m doing some Java work now and using Eclipse. A few things I very much agree with Dave about (rebuild-on-save, JUnit unit-testing integration). Maybe it’s just that my fingers know the VS keybindings better, but I still prefer VS to Eclipse.

I have to say that Eclipse is a heck of a platform, though.