Good movie for Larry Summers

Tina and I saw “Aliens of the Deep” when we were in San Francisco. We liked it more than Greenspun, but his description of the climax as “big-eyed snails who’ve built themselves an Indian casino” is perfect:

James Cameron, director of the movie Titanic, goes 3000′ to 10,000′ down into the Atlantic and Pacific oceans to film the unusual forms of life living next to thermal vents.  Precious few details are offered about the animals in question…. no math is done and you never learn anything about the phenomenon studied except “this is really cool” or “this is really beautiful”. Via [Philip Greenspun Weblog]

Comparing Collaboration Technologies

 This site is a candy store. OpenSourceCMS gathers together a large number of CMS-ish apps (classic CMS, Wikis, Blogs, Forums and more) into one testable site. The server gets rebuilt every two hours, but in that time, you can try out a number of apps, including such fan favourites as phpBB, WordPress, php-Nuke and many others. Via [Visual ActiveKent Sharkey .NET SE 3.11]

This could be handy if I ever get around to updating all my sites, like I’ve been trying to do for five months.

IronPython Resurfacing?

 [T]he PyCon 2005 keynote session Python on the .NET Platform on Wednesday March 23rd will hopefully coincide with the release a much more complete implementation.  Via [Cook Computing]

Jim Hugunin has been MIA for months. I talked to John Montgomery a few weeks back, who swore that Hugunin was still alive and active. (I got so worked up in the discussion with Montgomery that I said “If you don’t put a Python syntax shell together for Monad, I will!” and he responded “Promise?” Yeah, that’ll teach me. On the other hand, I have to say that writing a shell is terribly appealing to me – it’s about the most pragmatic thing a language geek can do.)