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Panda Ate My Notepad

My antivirus software just deleted notepad.exe, saying it was adware. I went to Panda’s Website to complain / alert them and their support site is filled with broken ASP.NET code. Boy, that really ups my faith in my antivirus solution…


GooglePal — Micropayment Breakthrough?

Now that news of Google Payment Corp is public, it’s time for rampant speculation, such as: Will people trust Google to be the infrastructure key to micropayments? They’re in an excellent position to provide the technology.

Pixies at Dunkin’ Donuts Folkfest

Doesn’t that headline read like computer-generated nonsense? And yet, it’s true. via []

Dang! Two weeks before I’m doing a NY-Boston trip, too.

Dangerous hacker

Funniest IRC transcript EVER. via Eric Gunnerson



Coolest Thing I’ve Seen In A Bit

I can’t talk about it yet, but can you guess what this SmartTag does?

Monad pulled from Longhorn? Ok, Now I’m Mad

According to Mary Jane Foley, the Monad shell is being unlinked from Longhorn. Maybe it will debut in Exchange 12, maybe not. Now I’m really ticked off. Monad is a command-line shell that, like UNIX shells, is based on a “pipes-and-filters” architecture in which functionality is assembled by recombining a large number of relatively small transforms. It has the excellent innovation that instead of piping text from component to component it pipes full-fledged objects. It was probably my single favorite Longhorn feature. But more than 3 years to write a shell? WTF?

Visual Studio Tools For Outlook Beta Download

VSTO for Outlook Beta just became available on MS Downloads. I can’t wait to take a look.

Python for Series 60 Phones