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June 30, 2005

Panda Ate My Notepad

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My antivirus software just deleted notepad.exe, saying it was adware. I went to Panda’s Website to complain / alert them and their support site is filled with broken ASP.NET code. Boy, that really ups my faith in my antivirus solution…


June 20, 2005

GooglePal — Micropayment Breakthrough?

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Now that news of Google Payment Corp is public, it’s time for rampant speculation, such as: Will people trust Google to be the infrastructure key to micropayments? They’re in an excellent position to provide the technology.

June 17, 2005

Pixies at Dunkin’ Donuts Folkfest

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Doesn’t that headline read like computer-generated nonsense? And yet, it’s true. via []

Dang! Two weeks before I’m doing a NY-Boston trip, too.

June 16, 2005

Dangerous hacker

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Funniest IRC transcript EVER. via Eric Gunnerson



June 15, 2005

Coolest Thing I’ve Seen In A Bit

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I can’t talk about it yet, but can you guess what this SmartTag does?

June 9, 2005

Monad pulled from Longhorn? Ok, Now I’m Mad

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According to Mary Jane Foley, the Monad shell is being unlinked from Longhorn. Maybe it will debut in Exchange 12, maybe not. Now I’m really ticked off. Monad is a command-line shell that, like UNIX shells, is based on a “pipes-and-filters” architecture in which functionality is assembled by recombining a large number of relatively small transforms. It has the excellent innovation that instead of piping text from component to component it pipes full-fledged objects. It was probably my single favorite Longhorn feature. But more than 3 years to write a shell? WTF?

June 6, 2005

Visual Studio Tools For Outlook Beta Download

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VSTO for Outlook Beta just became available on MS Downloads. I can’t wait to take a look.

June 3, 2005

Python for Series 60 Phones

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Oh man, I wish Windows Smartphones had this.

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