NDA-Cloaked Posts Hint At Next Big Thing

Given the sudden spontaneous emergence of “Gee, this doesn’t have anything to do with anything, but have you thought about how helpful query statements are?” posts going around, I think Friday, September 16 1:00 PM- 2:30 PM Room: 152/153 (Hall F) is going to be the most interesting :90 minutes at the PDC.


Zero Blog Bounce Harder Zero Email Bounce

After an initial sweep to clear the spam and no-further-reading-required blog posts, I’ve got 92 emails in my Inbox and 193 posts in my RSS folder after ten days on the road. Getting to zero email bounce (ZEB) looks to be a lot easier since the next action on individual items is generally obvious (reply, file, or delete). Unfortunately, RSS items are almost all interesting-but-not-urgent; the urgent action is to clear out my aggregator so that I have a clear working space.

Not that I’m close to achieving either a ZEB or a ZBB soon…

Knee Pain On Long Flights Solved With Ace Bandage

Just in (to Hawaii) from the East Coast. In the past few years, my left knee has become excruciating on long flights from fluid accumulating due to a combination of long periods of sitting erect and (perhaps) lower air pressure. Yesterday, I wrapped my knee in an ace bandage (not tightly, just enough to press in slightly) moments before getting on the plane in Boston. Worked like a million bucks — hardly a twinge of pain the whole flight. (I know, off-topic, but perhaps one day someone will Google this article and save themselves some pain.)