Review: Pandora vs. MusicMatch “Artist Match”

I have a subscription MusicMatch’s “On Demand” service, which includes the ability to put in an artist and say “Music like this.” I loved this when I first experienced it, but Pandora is much better.

Compare these two results for a seed of “Jesus & Mary Chain”:

MusicMatch “Artist Match”

  1. “Situation” by Yaz
  2. “Blue Monday” by New Order
  3. “Love & Peace or Else” by U2
  4. “Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others” by The Smiths
  5. “Cities” by The Talking Heads

Okay, fair enough recreation of a 1982 New Wave commercial radio playlist…


  1. “Eric’s Trip” by Sonic Youth
  2. “Stand Guard” by Bob Mould
  3. “Pig Knuckled Clown” by Flour
  4. “Sometimes” by Firehose
  5. “Soft Signals” by Limblifter

Now that’s like what you’d expect from a college DJ! With Pandora, you can actually fine-tune what you want to hear considerably, but even with just the seed there’s no question that Pandora “gets” the sound of Jesus & Mary Chain and MusicMatch “gets” the era and that its “New Wave.”

Between KEXP.ORG, ReplayRadio, MusicMatch On Demand, and Pandora, I actually feel like I’m hearing as much musical diversity as I ever did on the mainland.

XBox 360 Makes Me Want HDTV

I have what was considered a great TV in its day (the year 2000) — a 27″ Sony Trinitron. There are no over-the-air HD signals here on the slopes of Hualalai Volcano, I have basic cable, and my Tivo doesn’t record in HD. Project Gotham Racing totally makes me want to go out and spend $1,000 on an HDTV. (With better visual cues, I’m sure I could shave 10 seconds off my Nurburgring times — I’m just sure of it!) Not gonna’ happen, but all the HD manufacturers ought to send Bill Gates a box of chocolate or flowers or something…