Software engineer salaries in India and China

According to a survey conducted by Mercer Human Resource Consulting LLC, a software engineer in Beijing makes $13,400 per year. In India, a software engineer makes $10,300 per year. Salaries in India are growing at 11.5% per year (over the past 5 years) and 7.5% per year in China in the same period. The survey also said that software engineering wages in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou are higher by approximately 20% versus jobs in other Chinese cities. Via [David Intersimone]

A wiki where every page is a literate program

I am interested by Literate Programming, in which both human-readable discussion and compiler-readable code are combined. Not only does such a system allow a document to be unit-tested, it generally allows code samples to be more expressive, because you can re-order code sections to fit the discussion. I’ve written a literate programming system for Word and .NET, but this is even cooler: a Wiki whose markup supports literate programming. Every page has a “download code” button that generates both a listing and even a .ZIP file!