Archive for 11th October 2006

Anthony (6) Programs A Game

This is a great story about teaching Anthony to program his first game. An earlier post echoes my own thoughts on how fortunate my generation is to have been exposed to computers at a time when typing in a simple game was part and parcel of learning to use the things.

Vista Server Core

Scott Swigart describes Vista Server Core, a GUI-less version of Vista. While I quite like the idea (not just for resources, but because a purely command-line driven server facilitates a shift towards scripting repetitive tasks), there is a deep irony that this version of Vista does not support the .NET Framework.

So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.

Update: Brian Brewder observes that no .NET == no PowerShell, which pretty much destroys the “shift towards scripting” concept.

Gray Goo Assault On Second Life

I hardly know what Second Life is (even though smart people think it’s important), but I love the fact that it’s being assaulted by gray goo. Bring on the New Victorians!