Peter Coffee Leaves eWeek for Salesforce

Peter Coffee, who’s been providing some of the most insightful, technically-based discussions of the IT and software industries for 18 years, has left eWeekto become Director of Platform Research at This is a significant loss to the field (although I am sure a great benefit to When I was an editor, especially at AI Expert, Peter used to keep me honest with pointed questions about the depth and accuracy of what we were publishing; one of my major regrets of my tenure as an editor is that I never got Peter to write for me.

In the years since, I’ve always looked forward to his columns. Peter always provided a great enterprise-level focus to his discussions, even as he stayed grounded in the realities of the programming experience. I think he’s the most trustworthy development tool reviewer of the past decade, providing an invaluable service to countless developers at thousands of companies.

Well, so it goes. I wish the best to Peter and his family on this new direction….

Ruby In Steel (Ruby Development Environment in VS 2005) Goes 1.0

Ruby programmers using Windows should definitely give this a look; this is very high on my “IDEs to look out for” list. It should be noted that this is not a CLR / .NET-based Ruby; it’s a plug-in to Visual Studio (Standard Edition and above; unfortunately, VS Express users are out of luck) that targets the standard Ruby interpreter.

Although Scite has it’s charms (like loading in a fraction of a second), VS is definitely a superior environment for extended development.