Turing Award Recipient Jim Gray Missing At Sea

Jim Gray, who did fundamental work on transaction processing and won theTuring Award, is missing off California’s Farallon Islands. The good news is that weather has been good and he was sailing in a 40′ yacht, which ought to provide ample shelter for a few days. The bad news is that he was sailing alone and the ocean there can be nasty (cold, choppy, etc.)

Vista Install Problems

I lag behind in this brave new era.

I’ve been running Vista in VMWare virtual machines and having an acceptable, but not good, experience. No glass, no NUMA (one of the few interesting APIs targetting concurrency), performance less than stellar.

However, with the time at hand to install Vista to the actual boot disk, I am stymied. I have a Tyan K8W S2885, an uncommon-to-rare motherboard with an SSI EEB 3.0 form (12″ x 13″) that is pretty dang tight once heatsinks and cables are attached.

Vista informs me that I need to get a driver for the “Primary AMD IDE Channel” which confuses even my friends at AMD.