IronPython, IronRuby Discussion with Jim Hugunin and Jon Lam

I’m dying because I’ve just had a long talk with two of Microsoft’s heavy hitters on the Dynamic Languages Runtime (DLR) team and have much to discuss, yet I am in a frenzy preparing for a business trip and cannot yet take the time to do the discussion any kind of justice.

The single-most important quote, I think, was the statement that “no one will take [our implementations] seriously until we can run– / We aren’t done until we can run–” [Django | Rails]. That was contrasted with important libraries that were heavily dependent themselves upon C-based libraries (Zope, in particular). It was also contrasted with libraries that rely on unusual language quirks or implementation details; the touchpoint on that was Ruby’s … shoot, I thought Lam said “objectspaces” but I don’t see that in the standard library … maybe he said “ObjectSpaces-like ability to traverse the entire in-memory object graph” (Anyone know what lib that would be?) … Anyway, the point was that this was an example of something that would be very difficult to implement within the constraints of the CLR.

I’ll update this entry when I can report in more detail…