John Lam Concedes Fight With Ola Bini

IronRuby Program Manager John Lam regarding JRuby’s Ola Bini:

LOB: If you and Ola Bini were bungie-chorded into a steel cage supplied with mauls, chainsaws, and a copy of Bentley’s “Programming Pearls,” which of you would survive?

JL: Well, Ola is quite a bit bigger than me, so he’d likely kick my ass in a steel cage match

The amazing thing is I couldn’t figure out a way to incorporate that quote into the article I’m writing.

Update: Ola refuses to take the bait, too:

OB: He would probably win. Now, if you gave me Hofstadters “G

And Scientists Said Invisibility Cloaks Were Years Away…


I assume that this is a joke / conceptual art statement but it does remind me of the thought processes of young nerds that are so failure-prone: “If only I elaborate the logical inconsistency of the bully’s statements, he will no longer have the temerity to call me names!”

On the other hand, Halloween is coming up.

P.S. I think I will keep this image handy in case I ever give a talk on exception handling. “You don’t want to do a lot within an exception handler. The more complex your exception handler, the more possible it is to to create a defect or failure-mode within your exception handling process…”