Red Sox


I hate to be an American League fan-boy, but now that The Curse has been broken, the truth is that the World Series was pretty anti-climactic. (Not that anything could be as dramatic as the 2004 Sox-Yankees series.)

I love that The Dropkick Murphy’s have become The Sound of Boston : they use I’m Shipping Up To Boston and Tessie at Red Sox games and a song of their’s was featured in The Departed. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch of drunken Micks.

Writing a Technical Article: Pt. 4, Client Delays

Pt. 1, Pt. 2, and Pt. 3

One reason why it’s very difficult to make a living writing about software development is that while traditional publications were deadline-driven, online outlets are marketing-driven. When there’s a mistake about when a product will become available, an article in the pipeline can be delayed for an indeterminate period or even canceled entirely.

Such is the case with my article in which I was going to discuss context-sensitive / seam-based image resizing. I thought I was going to have an article finished by mid-October, but here it is on the verge of November and I still don’t have the product. And, of course, that means that I haven’t received a penny for the work I’ve done. And on the other hand, if I get a call tomorrow saying the product’s ready, I guarantee the next line will be “… so we need that article in 10 days.”

Naturally, this makes planning difficult. On the one hand, I need to plan my November and December and I can just say “yes” to some other clients. But I’ve already done a good chunk of the work for this article and I’d like my image-resizing code to see the light of day.

So… Such is the life of a freelance technical writer.