VS2008 Ships: LINQ is the Standout Feature

Visual Studio 2008 has shipped.

This is a very compelling upgrade, primarily because of Language-Integrated Query (LINQ), a new feature that is supported in the mainstream .NET languages VB and C# and will almost certainly spread to every .NET language and, I suspect, into the Java world in a few years.

Most readers of this blog will be familiar with LINQ. If not, you might find my latest column for SD Times, LINQ Clicks, useful.

Kindle Me

Amazon has shipped the Kindle, which I think may very well be the game-changing device the eBook market has been waiting for. Compatibility with PDF, plaintext, HTML, “Kindle format” (structured HTML), plus free EVDO connectivity, plus email-your-document-to-the-Kindle (killer). Books are $9.99. If O’Reilly puts Safari on this thing, they’ll sell one to every programmer in the developed world.

As a matter of fact, I’m going to start emailing PR reps of the various tech publishers trying to get a response on the Kindle. Bookmark this article, I’ll update as appropriate. Or, if you are a PR professional working for a technical publisher, contact me at lobrien -at- knowing.net with your press release.


No Starch : “We do not have an official position on Kindle.”

O’Reilly : “We don’t have a stated position on the Kindle yet, as we haven’t seen one or had the opportunity to discuss it at any lengths with its developers.  Check back with us in a bit – We’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we do have an opinion.”

Wiley: “Wiley is excited to actively participate in the newly launched Amazon Kindle.”

Pragmatic Bookshelf: “It’s a tough call.  … Our PDF’s are not encumbered by DRM, so it’s important that any PDF reader be able to handle that … I’ll reserve judgement on the Kindle until I have one in hand, and see how it performs in all respects”

APress: “don’t have anything official to state yet.”