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September 19, 2008

This Glamorous Life of Ours

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The glamorous life of a software engineering consultant, Pt. 1

Larry O’Brien says: (7:46:07 AM)

I see you’re pushing testing and *scribble* out of 1.3.

Client says: (7:46:23 AM)

we need to move forward

Larry O’Brien says: (7:46:26 AM)

Well…. Not really….

Client says: (7:46:29 AM)

testing needs to wait until we get it done

Client says: (7:46:33 AM)

there is alot of things to fix

Client says: (7:46:42 AM)

it doesnt make sense to do test cases when it doesnt work

Larry O’Brien says: (7:46:51 AM)

Just for the record: I disagree with that.

Larry O’Brien says: (7:46:56 AM)

But it’s your project…

Client says: (7:47:02 AM)


Client says: (7:47:08 AM)

I have to get it done this week Larry

Client says: (7:47:14 AM)

I cant do that with *Person1* writting tests

Client says: (7:47:25 AM)

fuck the automated test

Larry O’Brien says: (7:47:27 AM)

I understand your perspective

Client says: (7:47:36 AM)

Once I meet my deadline

Client says: (7:47:41 AM)

I will move back to tests

The glamorous life of a software engineering consultant, Pt. 2 (I swear, 1.5 hours later…)

Client says: (9:29:19 AM)

Larry question please

Client says: (9:29:42 AM)


arent we supposed to be showing *scribble*?

Larry O’Brien says: (9:30:21 AM)


Larry O’Brien says: (9:30:26 AM)


Larry O’Brien says: (9:32:29 AM)

i do not knw why *scribble*

Larry O’Brien says: (9:32:59 AM)

OK, I think I see what the problem is…

Larry O’Brien says: (9:33:13 AM)

I _think_ the problem is that we’re seeing this *scribble*

Client says: (9:33:35 AM)

yes but didnt we *scribble* it to the *scribble* also?

Client says: (9:33:46 AM)

we used to show them in the *scribble*

Larry O’Brien says: (9:34:52 AM)

OK, so the *scribble scribble scribble*

Larry O’Brien says: (9:35:59 AM)

So what I’m saying is that to show *scribble* I _think_ in the *scribble* there should be *scribble*

Larry O’Brien says: (9:36:23 AM)

I don’t KNOW this is the problem, but I THINK this is the issue

Client says: (9:40:37 AM)

ok I am going to submit this to jira also

Client says: (9:40:43 AM)

I hate finding this things

Client says: (9:40:45 AM)

so late on the game

Larry O’Brien says: (9:41:14 AM)

not to get antagonistic about this issue, but in my opinion, this is why testing is important early, not late

Larry O’Brien says: (9:41:34 AM)

this is why I delaying test development is not what I recommend

Client says: (9:42:28 AM)

sometimes each developer should see this things

Client says: (9:42:32 AM)

I believe in testing

Client says: (9:42:42 AM)

but also that each developer should do things right the first time

Client says: (9:42:47 AM)

I am so sick of findiing problems

Larry O’Brien says: (9:44:02 AM)

I don’t want to get into an argument.

Risk factors rewritten as standard practices: twice the fun

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Sez Who? has taken the offshore risk profile and rewritten them as recommendations. Sadly, his piece is apparently in use at more companies than mine. >

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