Kindle-d But Not Available

The New Yorker is now available in Kindle form. I subscribe to The New Yorker and have access to it in a browser, but the Kindle subscription is not linked to my physical subscription and their customer service says “Nope, can’t link ’em.” (Heck, I’d probably _trade_ my physical subscription for the Kindle version — aside from the very occasional photo-essay, the New Yorker is text and cartoons, which is perfect for the Kindle.)

The other day I bought a (dead-tree) technical book on Amazon. As part of the checkout process, I was offered a $5 “upgrade” to read it online. “Yeah, okay,” I thought. Again, what I was given was a browser-based viewer. The book is _available_ on the Kindle for $29. So I wasted my $5 and will never use that option again. But had they offered me a $5 (or even $10) “physical book + Kindle” bundle, I’d do it every time.

2 thoughts on “Kindle-d But Not Available

  1. Great heads up, Larry. I just ordered my Kindle today. Agree completely on the physical+Kindle bundle idea. I’d be choosing that one often.

  2. The cost-differential for ebooks etc. makes no sense. Manning Press has gotten a lot of business from me for the quality of the publishing, but also for the fact that the ebook edition doesn’t gouge in comparison to the ebook (but not yet available for the Kindle that I know of).

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