My Most Popular Posts

In response to a request from the esteemed Director of the FBI Blogs, these are some of the blog posts that have gotten the most traffic through the years:

Unfortunately, my recent move from the Das Blog engine to WordPress has left all my embedded links broken. I’ll get around to fixing that someday (sure), but only after I do something about my blog theme. 

And that will have to wait for a weekend that is not sunny…

4 thoughts on “My Most Popular Posts

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  2. Hi Larry. THought you might want to know the “15 Exercises to Know a Programming Language” post is truncated after the first line.

  3. Thanks for the note. I think you meant the permalink was broken (as are all links made prior to 2009). I fixed it in that post.

  4. Curious to “Know” if your blog has received more hits because of people looking for the new movie that is out?

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