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June 9, 2009


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I promised Jon Galloway that I would send him some “geek acres” coffee. I thought I’d write a post about growing and processing coffee as a hobby…

Step 1: Live on the Big Island of Hawaii

Step 2: Have some coffee trees


Step 3: Pick the cherry by hand (better yet, have your wife do the picking):


Kona coffee has to be hand-picked, as our trees are a little more delicate than some and because the cherry comes ripe at different times. So you might visit the same tree three or four times over the course of a season.


Sadly-no-longer-possible-step: Transport the cherry from the trees to the house using a pack animal


(Oh what a beautiful dog she was…)

Step 3: Depulp the cherry


Step 4: Ferment the inner shell for 24 hours in order to remove the sticky mucilage


Step 5: Dry the seeds on window screens for several weeks until they become “parchment”


Step 6: Remove the parchment


6a — separate the chaff from the green by using a hair blower and a colander

Step 7: Program your coffee roaster using custom roasting curves perfected over the years

200906091413.jpg 200906091414.jpg

Step 8: Take a whiff…


And that’s how you can avoid paying $2 for a cup of coffee at Charbucks!

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