Bob Amen: RIP

My coworker Bob Amen was killed in a motorcycle accident on Thursday night, leaving behind a wife and child. He was the IT Director at one of my client’s and I spoke with him daily. We’d never met in person, so the only way I really knew him was as a voice on the phone, or a presence on IM and email.

Preliminary investigation appears to be that the driver of a refrigerator van drifted into the oncoming lane at a curve. I can’t help but think that had he been in a car, he would have walked away from the accident. I know that Bob loved riding his motorcycle and I’ll hold on to the thought that he was happy in the minutes leading up to his death.

Life’s short.

5 thoughts on “Bob Amen: RIP

  1. We were all saddened at the office upon hearing the news Thursday morning of Bob’s passing.

    None of us at work knew him for that long, but everyone thought of and still speak kindly of him when remembering his presence and interactions with us.

    I was pleasantly surprised a few months back, to accidentally find out that he was my neighbor. Bob had only been working with us for a month or two when, one day, I was walking my dog in the neighborhood after work. I heard someone call my name behind me, and I turned around to find Bob standing outside his house to greet me. We spoke a little about our historic neighborhood and how much he and his wife loved living there. We also spoke about our pets and a few other pleasantries. It was a brief and enjoyable conversation, and then I continued on with Bo (my dog) and my walk for the evening.

    I will miss seeing Bob in my neighborhood and at work. Even looking out the office window and seeing his bike parked outside, lovingly covered to protect it from the elements, is something I am going to miss.

    I really do wish him eternal peace :)

  2. i didn’t know that there would be such a big smiley face icon when i typed out a simple smiley face…

  3. Lost a co-worker to the same stupid stuff almost a year ago. He was waiting to make a turn, and a truck “didn’t see the light”. He was killed instantly

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