Inca Trail T-7

Did a final training hike around Lake Geneva the other day. Five hours in the rain with full packs, 14 miles or so. Felt fairly good about it until realizing: “So instead of around a lake, it’s 4000′ of vertical. Take a break, put your pack on and do it again in the afternoon, racing against dark when the temperatures plunge towards freezing. Sleep in a tent, wake up at 5AM to do it all over again. For 4 days. Oh yeah, at 10,000′.”

5 thoughts on “Inca Trail T-7

  1. And there I was, about to congratulate you and mention that I spent some time in Lausanne and went pleasure-boating on Lake Geneva, but I realize you actually mean Geneva Lake in Wisconsin, which appears to have rather less dramatic scenery.

  2. If you get into trouble, you can always pay $5/day and have your porters carry your backpack for you. Then you can just enjoy the hike. And I hope you’re aclimating at Cusco for a few days first.

  3. @Jeff My understanding is that because the trail is now strictly permitted, we cannot add porters at this point (much less on the trail). I don’t know if they bring along a couple porters in order to give a “So, old exhausted person, how much would you pay….” option! :-)

  4. Did 13.7 miles in one day with the other SOB in our house starting at 7000′ and going to 9975′ at Yosemite this summer and really hit the wall about 9000, had one day of acclimation at valley floor. Also had problems years ago at 10k near Tahoe. I have heard that Tums or Rolaids can help. Also read that Dramamine helps????Take lots of pictures.

  5. Yes. But, when all is said and done, you will have climbed it. And done it. With the GOOD camera around your neck.

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