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February 28, 2010

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-28

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  • Google Earth Car spotted on Queen K at North/South Kona border… #
  • Hope new credit card law means that I get MORE incomprehensible pamphlets with important updates about my agreement. Fingers crossed. #
  • Haven’t even dl’ed the demo, but suspect the next time I’m doing hard JavaScript code, I’ll use JetBrains WebIDE #
  • (Assuming that d/l counter, while fake, is calibrated to Apple’s expectations…) #
  • We “have to keep healthy people in the risk pool, which means requiring that people purchase insurance.” Yep. #
  • Good article on Flash UI assumptions (mouseover, hover) vs. slate form-factor: Applicable to iPad / Tablet PC #
  • I wonder what correlation there is between readers of this article and “enjoys scatter graphs and regression analysis”? #
  • Photosynth to 3D Conversion: I’d love to do that with a reef… #
  • just crashed my Firefox. Oopsie! #
  • Happy Birthday SD Times #
  • Dude, Where’s My Cdr? #filmsaboutsoftware #
  • I’d love to think that Prolog is going to have another day in the sun. LINQ and RX promote central idea of “query as control structure” #
  • Problem with Prolog is that it’s depth-first search. Oz allows choice of search strategy. #
  • 17-year-old killed by drunk driver in Hawaii last night. Ugh. #
  • Just discovered that desired level of precision allows about 1KLoC (including multiday perf pass) to be factored away. #bittersweet #
  • Blog about a woman in technology or science you admire on Ada Lovelace Day, 24 Mar 2010, details at (@findingada) #
  • Orca kills trainer No surprise this would eventually happen. (Must. Resist. Neko Case Reference…) #
  • Lingerie model runs one of world’s largest drug gangs In other news, 1000000 would-be screenwriters started new scripts #
  • HD makes such a difference for watching hockey… <2 minutes left in US vs. SUI #
  • USA vs SUI was good hockey game. I prefer Olympic-sized rink, though. I think hockey benefits from more room relative to player sizes… #
  • A Johnny Cash song was the 10,000,000,000th song sold on iTunes. Nice. #
  • I just coded “System.Console.WriteLine(“#{t},#{pt}”); Sadly, it #
  • Sadly, it’s a C# program, not Ruby. #
  • It will be interesting to see how the news covers the health care summit. Wait. Not “Interesting.” What’s the word? Utterly predictable. #
  • AWWW! Baby elephant! #
  • New Quicken Essentials for Mac doesn’t export to Turbo Tax. #fail #
  • 3.9 ms? Thank heavens I profiled that code before optimizing… #
  • Pacific Tsunami Center has NOT issued a tsunami warning as of 9:44 AM Hawaiian (2044Z). #hawaii #
  • Woke to tsunami sirens. We are very high and safe. #
  • Hawaii County Civil Defense: All in evacuation zones are ordered to evacuate no later than 10:00 AM. #
  • Spam rationing @ Safeway: #
  • Lots of fishing boats leaving Honokohau Harbor #histunami #
  • Just heard KOA airport is operating normally? WTF? It’s right on the shore. #
  • Marquesa tsunami smaller than initial forecast. Good news for #hitsunami #
  • MacSpeech Scribe not scriptable, making workflow automation difficult / impossible. Bummer. Impressive product otherwise. #
  • Appreciating scientists, tsunami warning center, civil defense prep. #
  • Water receding in Hilo Bay — Tivo clearly shows receding pulse. #
  • Surge beginning to fill in Hilo Bay. Wow. #
  • Now it’s beginning to recede in Hilo again. Fuh-reaky. #
  • Honokohau Harbor (Kona Side) looks normal from a distance. Can’t tell if there’s small-scale disturbance yet. #
  • Tsunami scientist saying “2m at Kahului” and “may get worse in Hilo” #
  • Tsunami scientist refers to Hilo and Kahului as “resonant harbors” that can amplify tsunami action. #
  • So far tsunami has been awe-inspiring but non-damaging. Fingers crossed for more of the same… #
  • West Hawaii Police reporting water receding 4.5ft Kona / Honokohau #hitsunami #
  • Water now beginning to surge in Kona. #
  • That’s the way all #hitsunami s should be. Thoughts turning to victims in Chile… #
  • Police scanner reports surge covered Kailua Kona pier #hitsunami #
  • My dramatic tsunami video: #
  • Tsunami watch lifted on Big Island. #

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February 26, 2010

How Quantum Computers Work

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Great article — the clearest explanation of quantum computing I’ve ever read.

February 25, 2010

Google Wave Use-Cases: Food For Thought

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Google Wave is, so far, too difficult and buggy to be relied upon (once upon a time, we called this state “beta software”). Nonetheless, the promise for new types of collaboration are there. Here are some thought-provoking use-cases for Wave

February 24, 2010

Current Status of P = NP?

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From the CACM last year, a good introduction to and survey of the problem.

Wordless Wednesday – Milwaukee Circus Parade

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February 21, 2010

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-21

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  • Sunday freedive at Two-Step (Honaunau). Not great vis, but calmer than I expected. Sick of the snow? Not too late for a Spring Hawaii trip! #
  • Doing faux tilt-shift in Photoshop of Machu Picchu. Stupid fun. #
  • New Phone OS from Microsoft (Win 7 Mobile) — striking UI, clean break from previous OS. Very bold, very nice. #
  • Go to minute 5 in this TED talk about Bing Maps: #
  • I hate <table>. I hate CSS. I hate browsers and their incompatibilities. #
  • Bought @bach4life ‘s Silverlight eBook (good). Only can read it using Adobe Digital Editions, with no way to x’fer to Kindle (bad). #
  • Sat down at computer to find emails establishing a serious frack-up. Everyone’s being nice about it, but bummer of a day-start. #
  • Plunging into <table> -> CSS refactoring. If this is the last you hear from me, do not try to recover the body. #
  • Surfacing after my <table>->CSS refactoring project. I need a shower. #
  • Drunkest Cities and Hawaii’s best is only #88 Obviously they’ve …oh, Friday noon… pau hana maitais @ my place! #
  • Client site launched successfully — 22 minute cutover. Nice. #

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February 18, 2010

AIn’t Happening

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Why I don’t think artificial intelligence is likely to have a breakthrough in the coming decade: My latest column for SD Times.

February 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesdays – Orion

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February 14, 2010

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-14

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  • Watched the SuperBowl with 2hr time-delay because I was u/w hearing whales and watching tuna destroy a baitball. Hawaii no ka ‘oi! #
  • Beaker singing “Dust in the Wind” : #
  • Mathematica users: How apply a function n times recursively, where n = Log[2,Length[list]]? i.e., fn[fn[fn[{a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h}]]] ? #
  • Pattern-matching FTW! #
  • fn[x_, 1] = foo[x] fn[x_, n_] := foo[fn[x, n-1]] fn[x_] = fn[x_, Log[2,Length[x]]] #
  • And on that bombshell, I’m off to Waimea for astro club meeting #
  • Feeling simultaneously smart and dumb. This is why I love programming. #
  • I only get to use Mathematica once in a blue moon, but every time I do, I think “This is the way programming should be.” #
  • The Compaq II on which Anders’ developed Turbo Pascal 4 is on eBay for Haiti Relief: #
  • Bad study or bad article? Control group should be straight but childless uncles (such as myself) #
  • Mac Scribe looks like it might be the voice dictation s/w I’ve been waiting for… #
  • The inventor of the Frisbee has died Smooth flights, Mr. Morrison. #
  • Roger Corman’s Sharktopus gets greenlight: #

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February 7, 2010

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-07

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  • Are there any shows on the Discovery Channel that are NOT narrated by Mike Rowe? #
  • Resolved: Pair programming is NOT a good idea when learning an API. Debate? (Pair prog is BEST way to learn an API?) #
  • Colorado Springs going to cut 1/3 of streetlights to aid city budget. Sounds like a good idea to me — I hate streetlights. #
  • The @dailyshoot is “Show whether it’s more like Spring or more like Winter.” One of those “Why, yes, I _do_ live in Hawaii…” days… #
  • Did a good deed today but my car just failed it’s safety check and it’s $500 to fix. #karma_fail #
  • Finally reading DeLillo (White Noise) — OMG can this guy write. #
  • Clear Climate Code: FOSS for climate science. Great idea, apparently making good progress: #
  • Kindle API spec now public — SDK still requires application: #

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