14 thoughts on “Project Manager’s vs. Developer’s View

  1. Whats the point of a curved graph, when theres no damn vert?
    Stupid post brah.

    Larry: Touché.

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  4. @Chris oh no, json is much more than just ajax. look at mongodb (technically they are using bson, but same concept).

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  6. It’s a shame that the vertical axis legend has been put at the bottom. This works fine as an X-Y chart with Project Manager’s view as X (Scale: -1 x (Comfort level)) and “Developer’s View” as Y (Scale: Excitement level).

  7. I don’t know why Erlang is in the Executive No Fly Zone, Ericsson and other telecoms companies actually use it in their telecoms infrastructure products.

  8. The graph succeeds conveying the joke – diametrically opposed interest & knowledge of developers versus managers. No other industry than software development has suffered greater discrepancy. As entertainment value increases for developers, the security level for managers decreases cuz most don’t understand what they manage and are in there for the wrong reasons – mainly for political control to satisfy their egos and financial gain with minimum intellectual effort.

  9. HAHAHA I came here from the Twitter updates from the Blogger PM Rick Klau :D I thing that he is now in middle of Zone of comfort and Zone of progress but the older Blogger users and devs we are in Zone WTF the new template designer (-1 than Zone of boredness) Fun graph!

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