4 thoughts on ““MyPad”: My Latest Column for SD Times

  1. Latest column? Where will we find your great articles???

    I read your articles since early ’90s. I bought the last issue of Computer Language (June 1993) and then start reading Software Development. There aren’t so much writers with your deep knowledge of software development that express openly their inner feelings and opinions.

    Best Regards from Barcelona (Spain)

  2. @Jose: Thanks for the kind thoughts. Unfortunately, the vast majority of my writing, both for magazines and for the first decade or so of the Internet, is locked up in unscanned dead trees or lost to the bit-bucket.

  3. Oops. My english isn’t very good, sorry. I mean your “future” great articles :)
    (I already have a lot of your past articles, printed or “saved”)

  4. Really enjoyed this article…gave me plenty to think about…I am not a programmer..but I can sympathize…

    we enjoyed Kona when we visited two years ago

    best from San Diego

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