Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-30

  • In Honolulu mall. Very cosmopolitan — people wear shoes. #
  • Resistance is irrelevant. Aggressive autonomous quadrotors: #
  • Dozens in Congress just sold us out on #NetNeutrality Sign this letter: Sellouts don’t speak for me: #
  • New iPhone said to have 320DPI screen; equiv on iPad would be 2480×1860. Now _that_ would kill the Kindle. #
  • Case dropping out of Congressional race. Day late and a dime short, even though I preferred him to Hanabusa. #

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Parsing Just One Thing in the Lost Finale

This took me, like 20 minutes, and was just the beginning of the consequences of “The Island is Real” and “The Chamber of the Golden Belly Button Contains A Cork That Holds In The Golden Light.” It would take me a lot longer to continue, but I realized that all roads were leading to a single solution…