Kickstarter: A Crowd-Sourced Dragon’s Den

Kickstarter is a service that allows you to raise money for projects easily: write up a proposal, come up with a set of bonuses that your funders get (You’ve watched PBS, you know the drill: “For $50, you get a lifetime license and a tote bag! For $100, you get all the benefits of the $50 level, plus a golf umbrella!”).

I am tempted to see if it works for my line of interests: for instance, a technical article or podcast on (say) neural networks or genetic algorithms or somesuch. Or, even more interestingly, to fund a project in the hit-driven world of iPhone development.

Surfing “Jaws” At Night

The Eddie did not go, but the winter storms that have kept the waves big all January gave someone an opportunity to do something truly nutsy — surfing Maui’s “Jaws” break in the middle of the night.

Sure, it was a stunt and, for surfing, stinks of dissipation and decadence, but still… 30′ waves at night?

Dangerous Minds | Surfer Mark Visser makes history by riding 30-40 foot waves in complete darkness.