Feast For Crows Review: What a Slog

A Feast for Crows (A Song of Ice and Fire #4)A Feast for Crows by George R.R. Martin
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

A slog through 1000 pages of genealogies and minor characters failing in their plots. Isn’t THE WHOLE DAMN POINT that all this bickering about the Iron Throne is pointless while the true threats are creeping down from the North? There’s some good stuff — about 100 pages worth — but there’s far, far too much of:

“Aye, my lady,” the septon said. “The river moved. Seventy years ago, it was. Or was it eighty? It was when old Masha Heddle’s grandfather kept the place. It was her who told me all this history. A kindly woman, Masha, fond of sourleaf and honey cakes. When she did not have a room for me, she would let me sleep beside the hearth, and she never send me on my way without some bread and cheese and a few stale cakes.”

“Is she the innkeep now?” asked Podrick.

“No. The lions hanged her….”


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5 thoughts on “Feast For Crows Review: What a Slog

  1. I’ve been avoiding the last two books, can’t bring myself to read them when the author admittedly said he had writers block.

  2. Avoiding the last two books? They were both amazing, you honestly put down Storm of Swords and thought “This author is clearly getting worse”.

  3. The thing is, I’m totally “pot committed” to the series… There’s no way I’m *not* going to read the books after being so compelled by the first three (and now, of course, it’s even worse — I’ve “put in my time” with “Crows,” so there’s no way I’m *not* reading “Dragons.”) Plus, the series being what it is, there’s no way of knowing what is going to pay off and what is window-dressing: you can’t just skip the book, read a Wiki, and guess that the only two plots that *really* matter are what happen to Arya and Cersei. Maybe the treacherous mud-path off the Saltpans (IIRC) is what dooms the White Walkers. No one knows but GRRM. And he’d bloody well BETTER know. (Hopefully, Daenerys vs. the White Walkers with Arya playing a critical role…)

  4. I’ve been avoiding Crows and Dragons, I agree with Larry, totally “pot committed” to reading the whole series, jut not looking forward to slogging it through two books.

  5. I’m definitely for beheading Cersei (or having a dragon fry her, or maybe flay her), and can’t get enough of Arya and Tyrion, but after Ned I resolved myself to just enjoy the story arcs without getting too attached.

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